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  2. Chart Indicators
  3. Degrees Defined
  4. Elliot Waves
  5. Entry/Exit Strategies
  6. Fibonacci is the “Key”
  7. Money Management
  8. Retracements & Projections
  9. Step-by-Step Trading
  10. Trading Chaos
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Money Management

“Buy the Rumor, Sell the Fact”

It’s an old trading rule, but highly misunderstood – the rules dictates that you don’t have to sell the fact and not buy the fact. One obvious point implied in the rule is that the rumor should be bullish: if it is bullish only then you stand a better chance to win – to earn more then reasonable levels. One thing should also be kept in view – any rumor may also have bearish connotations. Following the rule Buy the Rumor, Sell the Fact looks simple, but it requires some practice and agility to monitor and analyze the information coming out of market.

“Trading should be like fishing”

When you rig your pole and drop the hook into the water, you don’t say ,”I’m getting exactly 5 fish.” It’s a goal and it should also be with a trade. Take a look at your “Fish Finder” radar to find the location of the fishes just like viewing my TIME reversal points forecast to see which direction the market is going. Then just buy or sell (like dropping your hook into the water at the RIGHT location) and follow it up with a PSL and ride it up or down until your trailing PSL gets you out. That’s what I have been doing for almost 22 years. I don’t care about tops and bottoms. I just want a profit and I’m not even concerned if I don’t get all of the wave. As long as I get some fish during my day’s fishing. 😊

“Risk control”

If I have positions going against me, I get right out; if they are going for me, I keep them.  Risk control is the most important thing in trading.  If you have a position that is making you uncomfortable, the solution is very simple.  Get out because you can always get back in.

Take 90% of your total funds to manage and put that into long-term accounts and then put that in control of your money manager. You can use the Trading Choas trading system for long-term accounts but I suggest you subscribe to “The Daedalus Report”‘s Green and Orange degrees and use much, much less leverage.

Of the remaining 10%, divide it into 5 to 10 lots and they will be your soldiers to go to battle

When you are starting a trading position (long or short) be more viligent as you are about to put your toe into the water for the first time.


AKA Wolfgang M. Bentz III