Table of Contents:

  1. Start HERE!
  2. Chart Indicators
  3. Degrees Defined
  4. Elliot Waves
  5. Entry/Exit Strategies
  6. Fibonacci is the “Key”
  7. Money Management
  8. Retracements & Projections
  9. Step-by-Step Trading
  10. Trading Chaos
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Retracements & Projections


Each one of the various horizontal lines are calculated from a different original location (see my Elliot Waves training). I use retracements, alternate price projections, and price counts. The trick is to measure the previous reversal points to forecast the future reversal levels. Then look for clustering (horizontal or vertical lines close to each other from different measurements) and use my reversal points in TIME. Voila! Then you have high odds profitable trades.


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AKA Wolfgang M. Bentz III