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  2. Chart Indicators
  3. Degrees Defined
  4. Elliot Waves
  5. Entry/Exit Strategies
  6. Fibonacci is the “Key”
  7. Money Management
  8. Retracements & Projections
  9. Step-by-Step Trading
  10. Trading Chaos
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A quick explanation on my S&P Green degree…

The Quick Explanation…

“When an arrow points up, the market should go up or sideways and when an arrow points down, the market should go down or sideways. Each degree works within its higher degree and when you view its lower(smaller) degrees, you will get even more detail. Then use whatever trading tools (Fibs, S/R lines, Ichimoku, etc) you already use to project price levels. Think of my RPs (on each degree) as a tide chart for each market I cover.”

Now Start HERE!

There are only a few things you need to know to get up and profitable…

  • First thing, go read “What Is It and How Does It Work?” and then REGISTER right now because it’s FREE, as in beer!  Make sure you register with a correct email address in order to receive notifications. Your email address is safe as I DO NOT sell or lease my list as this site is a “SPAM FREE” website.
  • ALSO KNOW THAT the markets are not random.  The markets have never been random and the markets will never be random.

  • You can just use my forecasts that display where my next TIME reversal point will occur in the near future. Buy/Sell on the current one and Sell/Buy on the next one. However that’s extremely dangerous and I suggest that you REALLY learn how to use stops. You wouldn’t just pilot a plane without training, would you? Of course not!
  • With that being said, this is not a game of trying to trade the extreme tops and bottoms. My TIME reversal points show the trend and by using them you should be able to get the “meat” of the trend; the “profit” of the wave. If you are trying to trade tops and bottoms, you will be only catching “falling knives” and you will get cut and it will bleed profusely. From an experience point of view, don’t do it!
  • The arrows you see on my forecasts are my TIME projected reversal points.  The location of the arrows, up () or down (), indicate when the AVERAGE datetime of my TIME reversal points will occur.  To determine the potential price, I use, and I suggest that you learn how to use, Elliot Waves and Fibonacci Tools (Retracement Price Levels, Alternate Price Projections, Alternate Time Projections, Price Counts, Fibonacci Fans, etc…).
  • When the higher trend (to see a higher trend, view a higher degree. For example, a green degree chart will show the trend for a blue degree) is going up, a current degree high TIME reversal point can happen late and when the higher trend is going down, a current degree low TIME reversal point can happen late.  Also, when the higher trend is going up, a current degree low TIME reversal point can happen on time or early and when the higher trend is going down, a current degree high TIME reversal point can happen on time or early.
  • Additionally, when a current degree high (for example the blue degree) is going to occur AT THE SAME TIME as a higher degree TIME reversal point high (for example the green degree), a TIME reversal point of the current degree (as in this example the blue degree) tends to happen on time or early. Same in low points.
  • The definition of a high reversal point is the highest point between the left and right low reversal points and the definition of a low reversal point is the lowest point between the left and right high reversal points.

  • On most of my forecasts each of my TIME reversal point arrows (up or down) are attached to a horizontal line of the same color as the degree that my TIME reversal points and indicate the 25th and 75th percentile range of my TIME reversal points. Also sometimes the horizontal lines can have extensions that are dashed and capped with chevrons indicating the range of 0% – 100% of all my historical TIME reversal points, and at that point you should pay close attention to the market and use my Entry/Exit Strategies to start a position or to close one profitably.
  • When not otherwise marked, my TIME Reversal points in all the degrees have ranges around them. blue = +/- 7 days, green = +/- 1 month, orange = +/- quarter(3 months) and magenta = +/- half year(6 months).
  • Beware the red vertical line(RVL) zone in all degrees.  The most volatility can occur just before, during and just after the zone around the red vertical line. Because of that, The Daedalus Report cannot accurately forecast the direction during that zone.  As soon as the storm has cleared, my TIME reversal point forecasts will continue.  Although that is the zone when the most undetermined direction exists, it is also the zone when the largest profits are possible.  Always check the higher degree for hints. Additionally, aqua arrows will be used to show any extra TIME reversal points (In Between Points[IBP]) that can occur (a single extra TIME reversal point but no more than two) sometimes before and after the first TIME reversal point around the red vertical line also in all degrees (if the orange degree inverts, it can only double invert and the magenta cannot invert). And ANY arrows displayed up & down (one pointing up and one pointing down on the same datetime) will be used to show a TIME reversal point when the direction is uncertain. Lastly, grey (sometimes transparent) arrows will be used to show any TIME reversal point that is not yet “locked in” and as soon as confirmed “reversed”, the arrow will be changed to it appropriate degree color.

Example #1


Example #2

























  • The reason why my TIME reversal points from The Daedalus Report can be early or late is … because of you and I.  My TIME reversal points will happen, but when the “crowd” experiences confidence(irrational exuberance) or apprehension(apathy), the market can be dragged in the appropriate direction.
  • A market almost NEVER occurs exactly on the AVERAGE datetime I forecast so I teach my students to “dial it in” as it gets close based on Elliot Waves and Fibonacci Projections (Price/Time). All you need to know is that my TIME reversal point of a certain degree is coming up as a High or a Low when I show it coming up on my forecasted charts. Remember my advice above that my TIME reversal points can occur early or late.
  • Because The Daedalus Report TIME reversal point patterns provides you with the best possible opportunity to make the largest amount of profit, you don’t have to be “in” the market all the time.
  • Be a hunter and wait for your prey.


    AKA Wolfgang M. Bentz III