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“Time is MORE important than price!” – W.D. Gann

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My friends,

I have been getting the same question a lot lately so I thought I would give you a little analogy that would better explain what my “reversal points in TIME” really are.

Just like your regular day, you have certain events that occur. You wake up, you take a shower (I hope!), you brush your teeth (also I hope!), you have breakfast, you go to work, you have lunch, you go home, you have dinner and then you go to bed. Sometimes on the way home you have to stop and buy some gas (or groceries) which you don’t have to do everyday; maybe it would only be once a week or twice a month. It could be the 3rd Monday of each month, so you have to drop off your laundry to get dry cleaned. And on your Mom’s birthday, you take the whole day off just to spend some “quality time” with her; maybe even the whole weekend.

If I were to watch your day, your week and your month (maybe even your LAST TWENTY YEARS! [or more for most markets]), I would be able to see your pattern and be able to forecast where you will be and what you will be doing.

You might not do those events at the same time or even in that order. Sometimes you might skip breakfast because you are late and you have a meeting at work where there will be food, so you eat then. But you still end up eating, and you still end up at work.

The Market has scheduled events too. Appointments if you will. And when those appointments are due, the market reverses on a dime because … well it’s an appointment. Don’t you go to your own appointments? 😉

There is a PATTERN in each and every market and the only REAL trick is finding the cycle start/end location and the lengths. hint, hint, hint! 😉

This is how I forecast all the markets I trade.

Ultimately, we all make the Markets and are all made up of the decisions we all make. Buy here. Sell there. And we all go around the big ball of fire called the Sun and the grey rock that goes around our Earth is called the Moon. Because of those natural cycles, we can forecast when the Moon will be at a certain phase and also with the Earth around the Sun we can forecast the seasons.

Someone in Sydney, AU who decides to buy at the same time that someone also buys in San Jose, CR on two different exchanges on opposite sides of the Earth means something outside of our planet is definitely influencing their decisions. I’m not talking about both of them being “bullish” or “bearish”. I mean they BOTH pulled the trigger to buy (or sell) at the EXACT same time. How could that be?

The reason is all of those “heavenly” things have mass and mass creates gravity. Ever heard of tidal forces? The oceans are pulled by the gravity of the Moon. Did you know that the human body is made of more than 70% water? Anyone ever hear someone called a Lunatic? The condition is called lunacy also known as being “moonstruck”. Wonder why it’s called that? Did you know that it can be forecasted as well? 😉

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So the next time you are viewing any price chart, know that you are really looking at a chart of “coordinated mob behavior”. Remember not to just focus on the vertical (price) axis, but always take into account the horizontal (time) axis. Because of that, future reversal points can be forecasted based on when they happened in the past.


AKA Wolfgang M. Bentz III

P.S. – My method is secret but I’m sure this analogy is enough to give you the gist. In fact, I have peppered hints throughout this entire missive.

P.P.S. – The QUICK Answer -> More specifically, I researched for all the datetime price highs and lows of each periodicity (5min, 15min, 1hr, 4hr, daily, weekly, monthly) for the entire price history that I could find or use for a particular market (the more data … the more accurate the output) and I entered each datetime into a database.  Then I ran all that data through my proprietary code and utilized a statistical process (model) and out came a large table categorizing each of the historical datetime reversal points in each degree.  It was that easy.  Well, not really! But now I know than in the future, for in as little as a few minutes to as much as years ahead, each high and low IN TIME is forecasted and it makes trading VERY EASY! Try it.   If you know when a reversal point is going to happen in TIME, it’s also very easy to project possible price levels and your success of profit increases dramatically.

Just like W.D. Gann says, “Time is MORE important than price!”

P.P.P.S. – “That is total BS and cannot possibly work” is what I said when I discovered that the markets can be traded successfully solely based on TIME. But I only ask you to just give the idea some of your own TIME and review the charts on my website. Then return daily or even in a week and review my forecasts and you too will be amazed and you will start thinking about how my “technology” could be used in your own trading decisions. It’s totally FREE to register right here.